The Nine Steps Of Silicon Wafer Replacements

Processing, manufacturing and warehousing centers are using wafers, depending always on the industrial process unique to the business. The nature of use is that wafers could become obsolete through prolonged and extensive use. Wafer replacements are ongoing. But substantial cost savings can be made if wafers are simply reclaimed and prepared for re-use. There are at least nine steps that the silicon wafer manufacturer will be carrying out to aid and abet the business.

This, in turn, is aided and abetted by a computerized management system. And once wafers are newly prepared and ready for delivery, they can be shipped to any corner of the globe, as the case may be. Computerized management systems allow all work to be centrally controlled, and this administrative process is helping towards containing costs for industrial clients. The following nine steps are in operation when reclaiming procedures are recommended or desired.

The first step deals with receiving the goods. The second step involves inspections of all received goods. Sorting takes place after that. And after that, a process of stripping and etching must be followed through. Step five is a series of quality assurance tests. And step six involves the polishing of reclaimed goods. Three processes inform the seventh step. These are clean spinning, washing and drying.

Yet another inspection takes place by the time step number eight is reached. Finally, a ‘final inspection’ is carried out. And even then, the work is not done. Still further quality assurance exercises will be carried out before any finished goods are packaged and readied for shipment. No matter where in the world an industrial client is based, arrangements can be made to pick up all spent or used wafers.

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The first inspection makes sure that all conditions before processing are met.